Assessment Plan FY 2014-2017

Boston University Libraries

The Boston University Libraries strive to provide the highest quality services and resources to the Boston University community. The Libraries recognize the importance of listening to constituents, assessing use of key resources and services, and providing decision makers with data for planning and resource allocation. During FY 2008-2009, the Libraries formed an Assessment Committee to explore how best to undertake library assessment given available resources. Since 2009, Committee members have:

  • Conducted an ongoing environmental scan

  • Participated in a number of assessment programs and conferences as attendees, organizers, and presenters

  • Implemented Google Analytics on the main Library’s website

  • Conducted user surveys of BU faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates

With the support of Library Administration and the involvement of library staff, the Assessment Committee is currently implementing six initiatives. A description of each initiative is linked below and includes the purpose, methods, timetable, and outcomes.

Current Initiatives


The Assessment Committee realizes the importance of integrating assessment into workflow, of involving staff in the process of assessment, and of communicating with all constituents—current and potential users, library staff, librarians involved in assessment in the wider academic community, and University Administrators. The Assessment Committee  consults with Library Administration on strategic directions, policies, and needed resources. The Assessment Committee seeks to engage users and staff in ongoing conversations about library services and resources.

Assessment Committee

Dan Benedetti, Head, Pickering Educational  Resources  Library

David Fristrom, Head, Science & Engineering Library

Shirley Leslie-Smith, Assistant Head, African Studies Library

Lisa Philpotts, Health Sciences Librarian, Mugar Memorial Library

Linda Plunket, Associate University Librarian & Chair of the Assessment Committee, Mugar Memorial Library

Kelly Riddle, Digital Projects Manager & Processing Archivist, Theology Library

Steve Smith, Head of Collection Development, Mugar Memorial Library

Konstantin Starikov, Head of Circulation and Interlibrary Loan Services, Alumni Medical Library

Sarah Struble, Distance Services and Resource Sharing, Mugar Memorial Library


Submitted to the Library Directors of Mugar Memorial Library, Alumni Medical Library, Theology Library, and the Pappas Law Library, June, 2013.

Click here to see the the 2009-2013 Assessment Plan.