Welcome to the SilverPlatter/Ovid WebSPIRS Databases at Boston University


The Boston University Libraries are pleased to announce a major enhancement to our collection of SilverPlatter databases. As of May 15, 2002, access to our licensed SilverPlatter databases will be through the SilverPlatter/Ovid corporate web site. This change provides a revamped WebSPIRS interface [version 5], timely database updates, and links to journal holdings listed in our online catalog.

The web-links to our SilverPlatter databases are now listed on our central "Electronic Indexes and Databases" page at: http://www.bu.edu/library/indexes.html

Please note: The page you are currently reading will be phased out in late June, 2002. Please bookmark the "indexes" page for future access to the SilverPlatter databases.

We hope you enjoy this major enhancement to our SilverPlatter databases.

Database Access Restrictions:

Access to the SilverPlatter databases is available to Boston University students, faculty and staff.

The page is maintained by: Doug Payne [dbp@bu.edu]    --    May 28, 2002