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  • Elective Rotations for Fellows, Residents, and Medical Students
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  • Public Health Internships
  • Joining the Lesotho Family Medicine Specialty Training Program
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  • Elective Rotations for Fellows, Residents, and Medical Students

    Fellows, residents, and medical students from Boston University and Boston Medical Center have been serving as clinical volunteers in Lesotho since February 2004.  Since that time, more than 60 medical students and residents and fellows from the Departments of Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, and Emergency Medicine have completed rotations in Lesotho.  Rotations are based at two hospitals located in the north of Lesotho: Maluti Adventist Hospital and Motebang District Hospital.

    As part of LeBoHA’s grant-funded activities, Family Medicine faculty are based full-time at Motebang Hospital in Leribe with adjunct faculty based part-time at Maluti Adventist Hospital in the Berea district.  These faculty provide training and mentorship to residents (called registrars in Lesotho) participating in the MOHSW-LeBoHA Family Medicine Specialty Training Program.  We are hopeful that visiting fellows, residents, and students will take advantage of the opportunity to learn alongside local counterparts and further contribute to the development of these two training sites as institutions of learning.

    Space for volunteers at the two hospitals is limited.  As we would like to ensure that you will have adequate opportunity for pairing with residents and will be present during a teaching block that matches your interests and fits with the overall program, we ask that you contact us 6 months in advance and have some flexibility with regard to the timing of your travel.

    If you are interested, please submit a statement of interest, an updated CV, and your intended dates of travel via e-mail to Amber Steorts at We do require that you are able to commit to at least 4 weeks of clinical work and you are responsible for covering all expenses.  

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    Faculty Physician Rotations

    The Family Medicine Specialty Training Program provides a unique opportunity for volunteer faculty to contribute both through direct clinical services as well as through teaching of the program registrars.   Because of the long-term nature of our program and the continuous need for teaching, this program provides an especially unique opportunity for faculty interested in returning regularly to an international site.  Because a lot of planning goes into the training schedule, it is important that we coordinate the timing of faculty visits carefully so as to maximize the impact of your time in Lesotho. Volunteer faculty are responsible for covering all expenses.  Please contact Amber Steorts ( with your interest.

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    Public Health Internships

    The Lesotho-Boston Health Alliance (LeBoHA) has been working with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to work towards sustainable strengthening of district hospitals and their associated health centers through both clinical and management development. Interns are periodically accepted to provide essential support for the implementation, evaluation, and continued development of this program. Please contact Amber Steorts at if interested.

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    Joining the Family Medicine Specialty Training Program

    The Family Medicine Specialty Training Program is a four-year program that accepts up to six registrars-in-training per calendar year. The Family Medicine Specialty Training Program was created to strengthen district level health services in Lesotho. This specialty training program is designed to increase the number of well-trained family medicine physicians in Lesotho who have the knowledge, skills, and commitment needed to meet the health care needs of the Basotho people.

    Eligible candidates include:

    • Any Lesotho national who has completed medical school and an internship in South Africa
    • Any Lesotho national who has completed medical school and an internship at an internationally recognized medical school outside of South Africa
    • Physicians who are not Lesotho citizens may apply; however, priority for acceptance is given to Lesotho nationals.  Non-nationals should be able to demonstrate a long-term commitment to medical practice in Lesotho.

    For more information, visit the Lesotho Medical Association website at: or contact the Family Medicine Specialty Training Director, Dr. Phil Elkin, at

    Family Medicine Specialty Training Program Brochure

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    Other Ways to Help

    If you are unable to travel yourself, but would like to support the experience of another volunteer or other programs that have grown from our grant-funded work, you may do so at or by contacting our offices.