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Welcome to the Pathways Website! This site has been developed in conjunction with the Pathways Program sponsored by Boston University. The program is designed to give young women an opportunity to learn about career options in science, mathematics and engineering. Through meeting and talking with women scientists from academe and industry, and having the opportunity to discuss career aces and current research in science, students are able to get a better idea of what a career in science and technology entails.

This website will keep students, teachers, organizers and sponsors abreast of current developments with the program and an opportunity to learn what went on at past Pathways programs. We have also included an FAQ page which answers some of the questions which often come up at our career panels.

In the sponsor section, there are links to all the organizations who support Pathways and reports on the success of past programs. For the organizers, there is a separate section to help us be more efficient in disseminating information and coordinating activities.



We have also developed a special resource section which includes relevant websites, bibliographic information, and scientific bios for those interested in finding out more about women in science. This section will also feature topical news stories. Watch for our speakers bureau listing individuals who are willing to talk to high school classes about their research and careers.

We are very pleased to be able to communicate with you on a full-time basis. We hope you will send your questions and comments to us via the contact page.


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