InnoWorks at Boston University

"Expanding minds, improving society"

Welcome to InnoWorks!

InnoWorks is the flagship program of United InnoWorks Academy (UIA), a 501c non-profit organization. InnoWorks began in 2003 at Duke University, and has since then, spread to over 10 college campuses worldwide, including some overseas. The Boston University Chapter is one of the newest InnoWorks chapters and is proud to join the InnoWorks family.

We hope to bring exciting education opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to middle school children all across the world. We extend this opportunity to all students, without regard for their economic circumstances. Our main goals are to:
  • Provide students with an opportunity to explore the real-world links among science and engineering disciplines.

  • Promote teamwork, enthusiasm for learning, and career interests in science and engineering.
  • Utilize cutting-edge neuroscience and educational research to develop mentoring and pedagogical methods that build problem-solving skills and student confidence.

  • Harness higher-education expertise to benefit youth and foster the development of synergistic relationships between universities and communities.

  • Develop opportunities to inspire volunteerism, passion for service, and entrepreneurship in college students to prepare them as tomorrow's educators, leaders, and role models.
We look forward to working with Boston University and Boston Public Schools to inspire students to pursue science in their lives. If you are a student, teacher or administrator and would like to learn more about InnoWorks at Boston University, please email us at You are also welcome to visit UIA's main website,

Thank you for your interest in our program!