Haiti and It's Foods

The foods in Haiti are created with influence from the DR, France, Africa, the Carribean and many other places. Hatian Cusine is very diverse varying from Bannann Peze , which is fried plantains, or Kibbe, which is wheat stuffed with meat. Kibbe, or Kibbeh is an Arabic dish, so this proves that their food comes from anywhere around the world. Alright, let me stop and show you the foods. But before I start, i just want to tell you, Haitian food was, is, and will always be the best food i've ever eaten so like you should try it or something.

Okay, so this is Bannan Peze, which is just a flattened plantain that is fried. There are many kinds, like very soft and sweet ones or crunchy ones. I mean, if you want to learn how to make it click Here, but like even a newborn (not they can't, dont try that) could make it so.... Inside of the circle of plantains, there is fried meat called Griot (pronounced gri-o). This is soooo good like everything just melts together and it tastes good with some hot sauce.

Ok, so this is Haitian cola. I mean it isn't typically "Haitian" but it is known for being a drink Haitians drink, you know? I mean there isn't anything to explain here...

This is Legume and white rice. It's like a bunch of veggies like carrots, eggplant, and Chayotes mashed up and paired with rice. Does the legume look appealing? No. Does it taste good? Yes it sure does. Like it looks so weird... But no worries, I eat everything.

This is Cassav or Cassava. This is more known in more places, but it's just bread made from the Cassava plant. It's sometimes filled with a coconut paste.

This is a haitian brittle made of nuts and like a sugary substance that holds it together. I personally don't like it because I dont like nuts...

This is spaghetti and hot dogs. Interesting combo but it's good. Trust me.