About Us

Many faculty at BU currently run educational and enrichment activities for middle-school and high-school students. The purpose of these activities, which range from language competitions to science days, is to share the university's resources with pre-college students, and stimulate their interest in various academic disciplines. Secondarily, bringing qualified pre-college students to campus affords the university an opportunity to favorably impress these students with our resources and faculty.

LERNet is designed to serve as a resource center and clearinghouse for these activities, to help with ongoing events, and to assist faculty who are interested in planning new programs.

The Administrative Director, Cynthia Brossman, handles the internal organization associated with particular events (e.g. mailings, reservations, meals) as well as contacts with outside teachers, funding sources, remote sites etc. Robert Devaney serves as the Faculty Director.

Ideas for new programs in any field are welcome. If you are interested in joining an existing program or starting a new outreach effort for high-school or middle-school students, please contact Cynthia Brossman at 353-7021 or send e-mail to cab@bu.edu.


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