Robust Platform for Drug Efficacy Testing


Globally, substandard and counterfeit medicines are serious public health problems. Amongst the enduring struggle against global killers such as HIV/AIDS and malaria, millions are exposed to counterfeit and substandard antibiotics, antimalarials, and other essential medicines, resulting in hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths, annually. Although numerous technologies have been developed to help governments in developing regions screen drugs for counterfeits, no solution currently offers comprehensive and cost-effective analysis. To meet this need, we are currently integrating critical tests for counterfeit detection into a single, portable, cost-effective system. Such a device will mark a significant milestone in progress toward safe regulatory measures against counterfeit and substandard medicines across the developing world.

Recent News:

LEED receives Coulter grant to develop new quality control technologies aimed at emerging pharmaceutical markets

USAID funds LEED’s sub-standard drug detection project