LEED travels to Nicaragua!

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April 7th, 2011


During Boston University’s spring break, eleven senior design students and three professors from the College of Engineering set out for Nicaragua to try to understand the challenges of health care delivery in resource-limited settings. See pictures from the trip here!

Four senior design teams were represented on the trip:

Portable No-Power Nucleic Acid Extraction Device

Team Members: Laura Blaha, Ellen Reavy

Advisor: Catherine Klapperich (LEED)

Tissue Diagnostic Instrument for Global Health Applications Based on Optical Spectroscopy

Team Members: Molly Keenan, Alessandra Forcucci, Alison Lo

Advisor: Irving Bigio (Biomedical Optics Lab)

Compact, Label-Free Biosensor for Point of Care Diagnostics

Team Members: Amy Canham, Aaron Larocque, Alex Giannakos, Chris Myers

Advisors: Muhammad Zaman (LEED) and Selim Unlu (Optical Characterization and Nanophotonics Laboratory)

A Robust Platform for Drug Quality Verification

Team Members: Paul Vermilion, Meredith Duffy, Nadia Ouhib

Advisor: Muhammad Zaman (LEED)

More blogs on Nicaragua to come!

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