2015 Summer Research Assistant Registration

Prepare for a position as a Summer Research Assistant:

  • Complete Employment Paperwork: contact Kealin McCormick, (kfmccorm@bu.edu, (617) 353-0409, Basement of CAS Rm B02F)
  • Register Westlaw passwords: summer access information. You have automatic summer access to Lexis Advance and Bloomberg Law.
  • Complete the Registration for Library Services form: fill out the form below.

The information below will be used by library staff to set up RA services such as liaisons, printing, etc.

Registration for Library Services

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Your BU Student Status (after 5/19/15): Continuing Graduated

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We recommend you attend the orientation whether in person or virtually. If you cannot attend orientation, please contact Terri Geiger (tgeiger@bu.edu) or Stefanie Weigmann (sweig@bu.edu) for orientation information.