Please Note: no carrel space will be available summer 2015 due to construction.

Law Faculty Research Assistants apply for carrel space when they fill out the registration form. Registered students who need to request carrel space at a later time, can see Terri Geiger in room 206D. Please contact Terri (x3-8881) if you need to know your carrel assignment.

Carrels are located in the lower level of the Pappas Law Library, rooms 121-129. Each carrel has 2 spaces; with locked drawers and a desk with electrical outlets for laptop use.

During the summer, group discussion rooms may be used for large projects. Please speak with Terri if you have such a project. Additionally, Annex space can be reserved during the summer for research assistants doing international research.

Security reminder: please do not leave valuables in carrels or assigned rooms.

updated:May 2015