Services for Law Faculty Research Assistants: Borrowing Materials

First determine who will have physical possession of the materials; you or the faculty member.

If you will have the materials: materials should be checked out to you. Present your BU ID to the desk attendant at any circulation desk and check out the materials.

If the faculty member will have the materials:

  • Pappas Law Library: Bring the materials to either the Pappas or the Annex circulation desk. Inform the desk attendant the materials are being checked out to the faculty member you are working with.

  • Mugar, Theology, Science and Engineering, and Pardee: Check the materials out on your own ID , then bring the materials to the Pappas or Annex circulation desk and request a transfer to the faculty member's name.

  • Please note: by agreement with the other libraries, the law library will not check out other libraries' materials to any patron with a blocked record. If there is a problem with the faculty member's record, you may then either return the materials at the Pappas desk relieving you of further responsibility; or you may leave the materials in your name. If you choose to leave the materials in your name, please inform the faculty member of the due date. Fines for late materials will accrue to your account and will not be forgiven by the other libraries.

  • Borrowing from the BU Medical Library:
    The Pappas Law Library has an arrangement with the BU Medical Library to receive all books and copies through interlibrary loan. Please see the Interlibrary Loan Supervisor, room 201B, to arrange for deliveries.

If you have questions about these policies, please see Terri Geiger (room 234).

updated: August 2013