Services for Law Journal Members: Borrowing Materials from Other Institutions

Interlibrary Loan

Most of the materials which you borrow through interlibrary loan for tech checks will be kept in the journal office or on a carrel at the Annex.

Materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan are checked out to an individual rather than the journal. When submitting interlibrary loan requests please be sure to list the name of the person who will be using the material so that library staff will have the appropriate contact.

The lending institution sets the due date for material received through interlibrary loan. Please promptly return materials or request renewals before this due date. If you need to use the material beyond the due (renewal) date, please coordinate with the Document Services and Interlibrary Loan Supervisor. We are often able to obtain the material from another institution.

As an alternative to interlibrary loan borrowing, the reference librarians have compiled a list of alternate sources for commonly requested materials.

Submit a Request for Material for a Tech Check

Submit a Request for Material for your Note

updated August 2013

updated August 2013