Services for Law Journal Members: Copying, Printing and Scanning at University Libraries

Law Library

Many of the journals purchase copy cards to print from the web and to copy materials that cannot be held at Pappas and the Annex. Please check with your editor for copy card availability.

Copy cards may be used in the photocopiers at Pappas and at the Annex. They may also be used for printing in rooms 320 and the computing areas in Pappas and the Annex. For Lexis printing please see Lexis.

Conserving Resources: Copying 2 pages on one sheet reduces copy costs and saves paper. Most journals and reporters copy well at 85-90% reduction. The circulation staff can assist you with the reduction features on the copiers.

Alternatives to Copying: PDFs are available for downloading in electronic format for many journals and government documents through the library catalog. Specific pages can then be printed as needed. Historical and current treatises are increasing available in PDF format. When materials are unavailble in electronic format, scanning stations are available in both Pappas and the Annex.

Copying/Scanning Tips: Be sure to copy the title page and copyright information. Noting the location and call # can save you time in relocating the original source if it is needed again.

Mugar, Theology, Science & Engineering, & Pardee

Scanning has replaced copying at these libraries. Please check with your editor for your journal's scanning guidelines.

BU Medical Library

The Law Library has an arrangement with the BU Medical Library to receive up to 10 books & photocopies through interlibrary loan each week. If you have only a limited need for Medical Library materials, see the Interlibrary Loan Supervisor, to arrange for deliveries. If you will be using Medical Library materials extensively, you should check with your editor. With a BU ID you can directly borrow materials that circulate.

updated August 2013