Services for Law Faculty: Research Support

Legal Information Librarians * Liaisons * Reference Desk * Classroom Instruction

The legal information librarians have law and library science degrees and considerable experience providing assistance and instruction in electronic and print legal research resources.  The librarians develop and teach research methods for substantive law classes and instruct research assistants in legal research methods.  They also provide research services to faculty including online database searching, compiling legislative histories, preparing bibliographies and research guides, and locating documents.

The librarians are:
Stefanie Weigmann (, suite 330, x8-4997): Assistant Director for Research, Faculty Services and Educational Technology

David Bachman (, suite 330, x3-8413): Legal Information & International Librarian   

Steve Donweber (, suite 330, x3-8854): Legal Information Librarian and Liaison to Graduate and Curricular Programs 

Steven Alexandre da Costa (, suite 330, x8-6748): Legal Information and Digital Services Librarian

Ellen Richardson (, room 342, x8-5496); Legal Information & Educational Technology Librarian

Librarian Liaisons

All full time faculty members are assigned a librarian liaison.  In addition to the general services described above, librarian liaisons may assist with current awareness needs, Blackboard Learn content development, electronic research sources, and other educational or research technologies. 

Reference Desk

Contact the librarian on duty for research requests: by email, LiveChat, text 617-383-4111, or phone x3-3151 (ask for the reference librarian).  During the academic year, librarians are available:  

Monday - Thursday 8:30am - 8pm
Friday 8:30am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday Noon - 8pm

During the summer, the librarians are available during all hours the library is open: Monday-Friday, 9am  to 5pm. 

Classroom Legal Research Instruction

The librarians teach basic and advanced legal research.  We enjoy teaching and we would be happy to teach a research component in conjunction with any law school course or seminar.  Our research instruction integrates print and electronic research and teaches students the most efficient resources to select for their research topics.  Librarians also offer research appointments for students writing seminar papers.

Please contact Stefanie Weigmann (, x8-4997) or your librarian liaison to request a research session for your class.

Updated: August 2013