Services for Law Part-Time Faculty: Reserves and Law Exams

Course Reserves

All required texts for law school courses are placed on reserve in the fall and spring semesters.  Before each semester begins, the library will send each faculty member an email for the courses being taught.   Contact Terri Geiger (, 353-8881) if you have any questions about course reserves.

Photocopies of articles for reserve can usually be obtained within two business days, but books that must be ordered may take as long as three weeks to be received.  Please send your reserve requests as far in advance as possible to ensure the materials will be available when needed.  Faculty members are responsible for obtaining permissions from copyright holders. 

Any personal materials you place on reserve, books and photocopies, are restricted to use within the library.  If you would like students to be able to borrow these materials for a 24 hour period, please let us know when you supply the materials.  All personal materials are returned to faculty at the end of each semester. 

You may view materials on reserve for your courses online using the library catalog

Electronic Reserves

Electronic reserves are available.  The library can link to electronic documents that you provide.  Please contact Terri Geiger (, 353-8881) to add electronic reserve materials. 

Most materials available on licensed databases may be linked from Blackboard Learn course pages.  Legal information librarians can provide links to specific sources to be included on course pages.

Law Exams

The Registrar's Office collects J.D. program exams each semester and sends those that are approved by faculty for publication to the library.  Bound volumes of exams from fall 1967 - spring 2005 are available at Law Reference KF 292 B5 A23.  Exams published in fall 2004 to present are scanned to provide online access to law students.

Please note: memos, best answers, etc.  will continue to be placed on course or electronic reserves.

You may view online exams by Faculty name or Course title.  Exams are available to B.U. Law Faculty and Law Students only.