Borrowing Materials: Law Journal Members

Most of the materials which you borrow for tech checks will be held in the journal office. Please check with your editor for journal policy on where library materials should be kept.

Law Materials

Law materials that circulate should be checked out to the Journal’s circulation record if they will be held in a journal office. Editors should check with Terri Geiger, x3-8881, to setup the contact information.

Law Non-Circulating and Reserve materials

In general these materials should be used in the library. Please see Terri Geiger, room 206D, to make arrangements for short-term access.

Other BU Libraries’ Materials

The journal’s circulation record cannot be used at other BU libraries. You will need to borrow materials on your personal BU ID. Please check with your editor for journal policy on who should ultimately have these items checked out. Staff at Pappas or the Annex circulation desks can transfer the checkout.

When the material remains checked out to your account:

The campus libraries will notify you of the need to return the material for another patron’s use. If materials are returned after the due date, your record will be assessed for any fines owing. In the event of the loss of the material, you will be assessed the replacement fee.

If the journal still needs the material and you receive a recall, please return the material to the owning library by the date requested. Contact Terri Geiger, room 206D, to arrange for an interlibrary loan replacement.

To protect your borrowing privileges and avoid late return fees please check your My Account record periodically to ensure that all the materials checked out in your name are current. Overdue materials at other libraries on campus are subject to late fines. If materials checked out are already overdue, please bring them to the Pappas circulation desk for renewal.