1919 to 1953

    • CALL NUMBER: KF 221 C6 C66 1978
    • HOLDINGS: As published
    • PUBLISHER: Michael Glazier, Inc.
    • FORMAT: Microfilm - positive
    • COVERAGE: Materials from 23 conspiracy trials in the United States as assembled by the Fund for the Republic:Abrams vs. U.S.; Bridges vs. Wixon; Brownell vs. Communist Party; Coplon vs. U.S.; Dennis vs. U.S.; Dunne vs. U.S.; Gitlow vs. New York; Gorin vs. U.S.; Kessler vs. Strecker; Marzani vs. U.S.; Orloff vs. Willoughby; People vs. Ferguson; People vs. Horiuchi; People vs. Lloyd;People vs. Mintz; People vs. Ruthenberg; Schneiderman vs. U.S.; State vs. Boloff; U.S. vs. Fujimoto; U.S. vs. Hiss; U.S. vs. Nicholai Gregorovich Redin; U.S. vs. Rosenberg; Whitney vs. California.
      Materials include trial records, transcripts, and exhibits and appellate briefs and opinions.
    • ACCESS: Table of contents at beginning of first reel of each case.
    • LOCATION: C. 55