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An Overview of State Anti-Bullying Legislation and other Related Laws, with D.T. Sacco, F. Corredor, J. Casey, & D. Doherty, for the Youth Meanness & Cruelty Project, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University (forthcoming).  


"Unsexing the End of Men," in Symposium, Unsex Mothering, Online Colloquium Harvard Journal of Law and Gender  (2012). 


"Architecture of Legal Feminism," 9:2 Issues in Legal Scholarship Article 6 (2011). 

"Deliverable Male," in Symposium on Crowdsourcing the Work-Family Debate: A Colloquy, 34 Seattle University Law Review 733 (2011). 
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"Testing as Commodification," 35 Washington University Journal of Law & Policy 309 (2011). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  


"Sprawl, Family Rhythms, and the Four-Day Work Week," 42 Connecticut Law Review 1267 (2010). 


Family Law: The Essentials, Student Manual, with Katharine Baker, Aspen Publishers (2009). 


"Califano v. Westcott, 443 U.S. 76 (1979)," in 1 Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States 250, David S. Tanenhaus, ed., Gale (2008). 

"Cleveland Board of Education v. Lafleur, 414 U.S. 632 (1974)," in 1 Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States 343, David S. Tanenhaus, ed., Gale (2008). 

"Developments in U.S. Products Liability Law: Defining a Defect in Product Design," translated by Megumi Takahashi, 42:2 Comparative Law Review 117 (2008). 


"WalMart's Other Woman Problem: Sprawl and Work-Family Balancing," 39 Connecticut Law Review 1715 (2006-07). 
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"Women's Place: Urban Planning, Housing Design, and Work-Family Balance," 76 Fordham Law Review 1797 (2007). 
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"Money as Emotion in the Distribution of Property at Divorce," in Reconceiving the Family: Critique on the American Law Institute's Principles of the Law of Family Dissolution 234, Robin Fretwell Wilson, ed., Cambridge University Press (2006). 


"The Practice of Marriage," 20 Wisconsin Women's Law Journal 189 (2005). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  


"After Goodridge: Will Civil Unions Do?" Jurist  (2004). 

"Is the Work-Family Conflict Pathological or Normal under the FMLA? The Potential of the FMLA to Cover Ordinary Work-Family Conflicts," 15 Washington University Journal of Law and Policy 193 (2004). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  


"Proliferation," 12 Columbia Journal of Gender and Law 462 (2003). 
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"Sex Offenses: Consensual," in 4 Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice 1465, J. Dressler, ed., Macmillan Reference USA (2002). 


76 Chicago-Kent Law Review: Symposium on the Structure of Care Work, Chicago-Kent Law Review (2001). 

"Accounting for Family Change," review of June Carbone, From Parents to Partners, Columbia University Press (2000), 89 Georgetown Law Journal 923 (2001). 
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"Foreword: The Structures of Care Work," in Symposium on The Structures of Care Work, 76 Chicago-Kent Law Review 1389 (2001). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  

"Gender and Nonfinancial Matters in the ALI Principles of the Law of Family Dissolution," 8 Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy 203 (2001). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  


"One Plus One Makes Two," review of Milton Regan, Alone Together, Oxford University Press (1999), 4 The Green Bag 2d 109 (2000). 
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"Unbending Gender, Why Work and Family Conflict and What to Do About It," in Symposium New Directions in Feminist Legal Theory, 49 American University Law Review 943 (2000). 

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"Miller v. Albright: Problems of Constitutionalization in Family Law," 79 Boston University Law Review 1139 (1999). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  


"Grounded Applications: Feminism and Law at the Millenium," 50 Maine Law Review 201 (1998). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  

"Marriage Contracts and the Family Economy," 93 Northwestern University Law Review 65 (1998). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  


"Commodification and Women's Household Labor," 9 Yale Journal of Law and Feminism 81 (1997). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  

"Foreword," in Symposium on Transracial Adoption, 6 Boston University Public Interest Law Journal 381 (1997). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  

"The Polygamous Heart?" review of Arlie Russel Hochschild, The Time Bind: When Work Becomes Home and Home Becomes Work, Metropolitan Books (1997), 1 Green Bag 2d 97 (1997). 
Full text: Westlaw  


A Guide to America's Sex Laws, with Richard A. Posner, University of Chicago Press (1996). 

"Intrusive Law Reform," 76 Boston University Law Review 193 (1996). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  

"Turning Labor into Love: Housework and the Law," 91 Northwestern University Law Review 1 (1996). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  


"Sticks and Stones Can Break My Name: Nondefamatory Negligent Injury to Reputation," 59 University of Chicago Law Review 865 (1992). [Comment] 
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