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"Anthony Fitzherbert, La Novel Natura Brevium," in The Books That Made Law in the Western World (13th century -1940) S. Dauchy, G. Martyn, A. Musson & H. Pihlajamaki, eds., Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (forthcoming). 


Book Review, Helen Lacey, The Royal Pardon: Access to Mercy in Fourteenth-Century England, York Medieval (2009), 32 Law and History Review { } (2014). 


"Introduction," in Henry de Bracton, De Legibus et Consuetudinibus Angliae v, The Lawbook Exchange (2013). [reprint of 1640 edition] 

"Introduction and Table of Contents," in Nicholas Statham, Abridgement of Cases v, The Lawbook Exchange (2013). [reprint of circa 1490 edition] 


"Formalism and Realism in Fifteenth-century English Law: Bodies Corporate and Bodies Natural," in Judges and Judging in the History of the Common Law and Civil Law 37, P. Brand & J. Getzler, eds., Cambridge University Press (2012). 

Book Review, Robert Paynell's King's Bench Reports (1625-1627), W. H. Bryson, ed., Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (2010), 52 American Journal of Legal History 505 (2012). 


"Introduction and Lists of Sources," in The Grand Abridgement of the Law Continued iii-xx, by William Hughes, The Lawbook Exchange (2011). 

"Legal Education for Export: Takeo Kikuchi's Boston University," in Future of Comparative Study in Law: The 60th Anniversary of The Institute of Comparative Law in Japan, Chuo University 97, Tokyo: Chuo University Press (2011). 

"Trust and Fiduciary Duty in the Early Common Law," in Symposium, The Role of Fiduciary Law and Trust in the Twenty-First Century: A Conference Inspired by the Work of Tamar Frankel, 91 Boston University Law Review 1011 (2011). 
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Compiler, Legal History Database, Index and Paraphrase of Printed Year Book Reports, 1268 - 1535, 22,318 records (2009). 

"Introduction and Tables," in Anthony Fitzherbert, La Graunde Abridgement, reprint of 1577 ed., The Lawbook Exchange (2009). 

"Presumptions in Early English Common Law," in The Law of Presumptions: Essays in Comparative Legal History 117, R. H. Helmholz & W. D. H. Sellar, eds., Duncker & Humblot (2009). 


"Introductory Tables and Notes," in Year Books; Or Reports in the Following Reigns, with Notes to Brooke and Fitzherbert's Abridgments with Carol F. Lee, The Lawbook Exchange (2007). 

"New Introduction and Table of Contents," in Statham's Abridgment of the Law III-XXII, translator Margaret Center Klingelsmith, The Lawbook Exchange (2007). 

Year Books; Or Reports in the Following Reigns, with Notes to Brooke and Fitzherbert's Abridgments, with Carol F. Lee, ed., The Lawbook Exchange (2007). 


"Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.: The Judge as Celebrity," 27(4) The Supreme Court Historical Society Quarterly 1 (2006). 

"Our Law, Their Law, History, and the Citation of Foreign Law," in Symposium The Role of the Judge in the Twenty-First Century, 86 Boston University Law Review 1417 (2006). 
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"Introduction," in Symposium Lochner Centennial Conference, 85 Boston University Law Review 671 (2005). 
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"Fleta," in The New Dictionary of National BiographyOxford University Press (2004). 

"The Law's Many Bodies, and the Manuscript Tradition in English Legal History," review of John Hamilton Baker, The Law's Two Bodies : Some Evidential Problems in English Legal History, Oxford University Press (2001), 25 Journal of Legal History 73 (2004). 


Book Review, Richard Firth Green, The Crisis of Truth: Law and Literature in Ricardian England, University of Pennsylvania Press (1999), 28 Ius Commune -- Zeitschrift fur Europaische Rechtsgeschichte 389 (2001). 

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"Chief Justice Holmes on the Science and Art (and Politics) of Judging," 5 Massachusetts Legal History 19 (1999). 

Book Review, The Year Books of Richard II: 1382-1383, S. E. Thorne, M. E. Hager, M. M. Thorne & C. Donahue, eds., The Ames Foundation (1996), 67 Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis 149 (1999). 
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"In Memoriam-Memorial Tributes for Professor Elizabeth B. Clark," 78 Boston University Law Review 248 (1998). 
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"Archibald Cox: Teacher," review of Ken Gormley, Archibald Cox: Conscience of a Nation, Da Capo Press, 78 Boston University Law Review 565 (1998). 
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"Holmes's Path," 77 Boston University Law Review 515 (1997). 
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"The Distinction Between Crime and Tort in the Early Common Law," 76 Boston University Law Review 59 (1996). 
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"Who Was Melville Madison Bigelow?" 5 Boston University School of Law Alumni Magazine 6 (1996). 


"Crime in the Year Books," in Law Reporting in England: Proceedings of the Eleventh British Legal History Conference 15, Chantal Stebbings, ed., Hambledon Press (1995). 


"The Concept of Property in the Early Common Law," 12 Law and History Review 29 (1994). 
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"The Reception of Canon Law and Civil Law in the Common Law Courts Before 1600," 13 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 388 (1993). 
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Book Review, Norman Doe, Fundamental Authority in Late Medieval English Law, Cambridge University Press (1991), 18 Ius Commune --Zeitschrift fur Europaische Rechts-geschichte 390 (1991). 

"The Structure of English Common Law in the Seventeenth Century," in Legal History in the Making: Proceedings of the Ninth British Legal History Conference 61, W. M. Gordon, ed., Hambledon Press (1991). 

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"Bracton, the Year Books, and the 'Transformation of Elementary Legal Ideas' in the Early Common Law," 7 Law and History Review 175 (1989). 
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Book Review, O. F. Robinson, T. D. Fergus & W. M. Gordon, An Introduction to European Legal History, Professional Books Ltd., 33 American Journal of Legal History 151 (1989). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  

"Roman Legal Categories in the Early Common Law," in Legal Record and Historical Reality: Proceedings of the Eighth British Legal History Conference 9, Thomas G. Watkin, ed., Hambledon Press (1989). 


"From Henry I to Sir Edward Coke," review of S.E. Thorne, Essays in English Legal History, Hambledon Press (1985), 37 Harvard Law School Bulletin 40 (1986). 


"English Judicial Recognition of a Right to Privacy," 3 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 325 (1983). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  


"The Right to Privacy in Nineteenth Century America," 94 Harvard Law Review 1892 (1981). [Note] 
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The Right to Privacy in American History, Harvard Program on Information Resources Policy Report P-78-3 (1978).  
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