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"From Harmelin to Graham: Justice Kennedy Stakes Out a Path to Proportional Punishment," 23 Federal Sentencing Reporter 67 (2010). 

"Liberty Lost: The Moral Case for Marijuana Law Reform," with Eric D. Blumenson, 85 Indiana Law Journal 279 (2010). 
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"No Rational Basis: The Pragmatic Case for Marijuana Law Reform," with Eric D. Blumenson, 17 Virginia Journal of Social Policy and Law 43 (2009). 
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"Decency, Dignity and Desert: Restoring Ideals of Humane Punishment to Constitutional Discourse," 41 U.C. Davis Law Review 111 (2007). 
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"Indecent Standards: The Case of U.S. versus Weldon Angelos," in Symposium on Sentencing Rhetoric: Competing Narratives in the Post-Booker Era, 11 Roger Williams University Law Review 537 (2005-06). 
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"Introduction," in Symposium on The Role of the Judge in the Twenty-First Century, 86 Boston University Law Review 1037 (2006). 
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"One Strike and You're Out? Constitutional Constraints on Zero Tolerance in Public Education," with Eric D. Blumenson, 81 Washington University Law Quarterly 65 (2003). 
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"Drugs, Illegal," in The Oxford Companion to American Law 230, Kermit L. Hall, et al., eds., Oxford University Press (2002). 

"How to Construct an Underclass, Or How the War on Drugs Became a War on Education," with Eric D. Blumenson, 6 Iowa Journal of Gender, Race and Justice 61 (2002). 
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"The Next Stage of Forfeiture Reform," with Eric D. Blumenson, 14 Federal Sentencing Reporter 76 (2001). 
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"Contesting Government's Financial Interest in Drug Cases," with Eric D. Blumenson, 13 Criminal Justice 4 (1999). 
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"The Drug War's Hidden Economic Agenda," 266:9 The Nation 11 (1998). 

"Policing for Profit: The Drug War's Hidden Economic Agenda," with Eric D. Blumenson, 65 University of Chicago Law Review 35 (1998). 
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"Appeals to Bias and Prejudice by Criminal Defense Lawyers," 1 Yale Survey of Current Legal Issues 92 (1995). 

"Disclose or Not: The Client with a False Identity," in Ethical Problems Facing the Criminal Defense Lawyer 214, Rodney J. Uphoff, ed., American Bar Association (1995). 


"The Criminal Defense Lawyer's Reliance on Bias and Prejudice," 8 Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics 1 (1994). 
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"Probation Revocation," in Massachusetts Criminal Defense 41-1, Eric Blumenson, ed., Butterworth Legal Publishers (1990). 

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"Pretrial Procedure Under the Massachusetts Rules of Criminal Procedures," with Eric D. Blumenson, 67 Massachusetts Law Review 61 (1982). 


"Law and Tactics of Other Crimes Evidence," with William Genego & Karen Hurvitz, in Criminal Defense Techniques chapter 26A, Matthew Bender (1980). 

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