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"The Direct Costs from NPE Disputes," with James E. Bessen, 99 Cornell Law Review 387 (2014). 
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"Notice Failure and Notice Externalities," with Peter S. Menell, 5 Journal of Legal Analysis 1 (2013). 
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"The Patent Litigation Explosion," with James Bessen, 45 Loyola University of Chicago Law Journal 401 (2013). 
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"The Private and Social Costs of Patent Trolls," 34:4 Regulation 26 (2011-12). 
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"Patent Litigation, Licensing, Nonobviousness, and Antitrust," in Antitrust Law and Economics 281, Keith Hylton, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited (2010). [v.4 Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, 2d ed.] 


"Inventors, Entrepreneurs, and Intellectual Property Law," in Symposium, Patent Law in Perspective, 45 Houston Law Review 1201 (2008-09). 
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"Patent Examination Priorities," in Symposium, The Boundaries of Intellectual Property: The Boundaries of Patent Law, 51 William & Mary Law Review 675 (2009). 
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"Of Patents and Property," with James E. Bessen, 31:4 Regulation 18 (Winter 2008-09). 
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"Patent Carrots and Sticks: A Model of Nonobviousness," with Katherine J. Strandburg, in Symposium, Business Law Forum: Nonobviousness - The Shape of Things to Come, 12 Lewis & Clark Law Review 547 (2008). 
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Patent Failure: How Judges, Bureaucrats, and Lawyers Put Innovators at Risk, with James Bessen, Princeton University Press (2008). 


"What's Wrong with the Patent System? Fuzzy Boundaries and the Patent Tax," with James Bessen, 12:6 First Monday  (2007). 


"Patent Litigation with Endogenous Disputes," with James Bessen, 96 American Economic Review Papers & Proceedings 77 (2006). 


"Invention, Refinement and Patent Claim Scope: A New Perspective on the Doctrine of Equivalents," with Craig Nard, 93 Georgetown Law Journal 1947 (2005). 
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"Lessons for Patent Policy from Empirical Research on Patent Litigation," with James Bessen, 9 Lewis and Clark Law Review 1 (2005). Reprinted in Intellectual Property and Information Wealth: Issues and Practices in the Digital Age, Peter K. Yu, ed., Praeger (2007). 
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"Patent Policy Adrift in a Sea of Anecdote: A Reply to Lichtman," with Craig Nard, 93 Georgetown Law Journal 2033 (2005). 
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"Bidder Collusion and Antitrust Law: Refining the Analysis of Price Fixing to Account for the Special Features of Auction Markets," with Robert Marshall, 72 Antitrust Law Journal 83 (2004). 
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"Law, Economics, and the Theory of the Firm," 52 Buffalo Law Review 727 (2004). 
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"Too Many Markets or Too Few? Copyright Policy Toward Shared Works," 77 Southern California Law Review 903 (2004). 
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"Controlling Opportunistic and Anti-Competitive Intellectual Property Litigation," 44 Boston College Law Review 509 (2003). 
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"Pharmacogenomics, Genetic Tests, and Patent-Based Incentives: Perspectives on Properties of the Human Genome Project," with F. Scott Kieff, in 50 Advances in Genetics 399, Academic Press (2003). 
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"Vertical Restraints and Intellectual Property Law: Beyond Antitrust," 87 Minnesota Law Review 1871 (2003). 
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"Business Method Patents and Patent Floods," 8 Washington University Journal of Law and Policy 309 (2002). 
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"Comments on Open Source Genomics," in Symposium, Bioinformatics and Intellectual Property Law, 8 Boston University Journal of Science & Technology Law 265 (2002). 


"Copyright Law and Price Discrimination," 23 Cardozo Law Review 55 (2001). 
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"The Economics of Auctions and Bidder Collusion," with Robert Marshall, in Game Theory and Business Applications 339, K. Chatterjee & W. Samuelson, eds., Kluwer (2001). 


"Intellectual Property Panel: Patent Rights and Licensing," with Michael Baram, Ashley Stevens & Thomas Meyers, in Symposium, Advances in Biomaterials and Devices, and Their Financing, 6 Boston University Journal of Science & Technology Law 3 (2000). 
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"Conference Remarks: Digital Technology and Copyright: A Threat or a Challenge," 39 IDEA 291 (1999). [Franklin Pierce Law Center] 

"Fair Division," 47 Buffalo Law Review 937 (1999). 
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"Price Discrimination, Personal Use and Piracy: Copyright Protection of Digital Works," 45 Buffalo Law Review 845 (1997). 
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"Curbing Agency Problems in the Procurement Process," with Robert C. Marshall & Jean-Francois Richard, 25 Rand Journal of Economics 297 (1994). 

"Informative Advertising and Product Match," with Dale Stahl, 12 International Journal of Industrial Organization 1 (1994). 

"Litigation Settlement and Collusion," with Robert C. Marshall & Jean-Francois Richard, 109 Quarterly Journal of Economics 213 (1994). 

"Multiple Litigants with a Public Good Remedy," with Robert C. Marshall & Jean-Francois Richard, 16 Research in Law and Economics 151 (1994). 

"Numerical Analysis of Asymmetric First Price Auctions," with Robert C. Marshall & Jean-Francois Richard, 7 Games and Economic Behavior 193 (1994). 


"Incentive-Based Procurement Oversight by Protest," with Robert C. Marshall & Jean-Francois Richard, in Incentives in Procurement Contracting 39, J. Leitzel and J. Tirole, eds., Westview (1993). 


"Denial of Care and Informed Consent in English and American Law," 18 American Journal of Law & Medicine 37 (1992). 

"The Gains from Faith in an Unfaithful Agent: Settlement Conflicts Between Defendants and Liability Insurers," 8 Journal of Law, Economics & Organization 502 (1992). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  


"The Private Attorney General Meets Public Contract Law: Procurement Oversight by Protest," with Robert C. Marshall & Jean-Francois Richard, 20 Hofstra Law Review 1 (1991-92). Reprinted in IRS Computer Modernization and Procurement, Hearings before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee (June 25, 1991 and April 2,1992). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Westlaw  

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"Efficient Remedies for Breach of Warranty," with Kenneth Chapman, in Symposium, Economics of Contract Law, 52 Law & Contemporary Problems 107 (1989). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  

"Foreword: Economics of Contract Law," 52 Law & Contemporary Problems 1 (1989). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Westlaw  

"The Settlement of Patent Litigation," 20 Rand Journal of Economics 77 (1989). 


"An Economic Analysis of Royalty Terms in Patent Licenses," 67 Minnesota Law Review 1198 (1983). [Note] Reprinted in 16 Intellectual Property Law Review 121 (1984). 

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