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"Cell Phones, Search Incident to Arrest, and the Supreme Court," Boston University Law Review Perspectives 3 (2014). 
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"Maryland v. King: Terry v. Ohio Redux," 2013 Supreme Court Review 359 (2013). 
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"No More Chipping Away: The Roberts Court Uses An Axe to Take Out the Fourth Amendment Exclusionary Rule," with Jennifer Rader, 81 Mississippi Law Journal 1183 (2012). 
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The Supreme Court and the Fourth Amendment's Exclusionary RuleOxford University Press (2012). 


"Framing the Fourth," with Julia Grace Mirabella, 109 Michigan Law Review 1049 (2011). 
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"A Criminal Procedure Regime Based on Instrumental Values," review of Donald Dripps, About Guilt and Innocence: The Origins, Development, and Future of Constitutional Criminal Procedure, Praeger Publishers (2002), 22 Constitutional Commentary 197 (2009). 
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"James Otis (1725-1783)," in The Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law 411, Roger K. Newman, ed., Yale University Press (2009). 

"United States v. Whren: The Fourth Amendment Problem with Pretextual Traffic Stops," in We Dissent: Talking Back to the Rehnquist Court, Eight Cases That Subverted Civil Liberties and Civil Rights 90, Michael Avery, ed., New York University Press (2009). 


"The Good and Bad News About Consent Searches in the Supreme Court," 39 McGeorge Law Review 27 (2008). 
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"The Bush Administration's Terrorist Surveillance Program and the Fourth Amendment's Warrant Requirement: Lessons from Justice Powell and the Keith Case," in Symposium Katz v. U.S.: 40 Years Later: International Crime and Terrorism, 41 U.C. Davis Law Review 1249 (2007-08). 
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"Police Interrogation During Traffic Stops: More Questions than Answers," 31 The Champion 34 (2007). 
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"Hoffa v. United States: Secret Agents in Private Spaces," in Criminal Procedure Stories 181, Carol Streiker, ed., Foundation Press (2006). 


"Is Obtaining an Arrestee's DNA a Valid Special Needs Search Under the Fourth Amendment? What Should (and Will) the Supreme Court Do?" 33 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 102 (2005). Reprinted in 34 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 165 (2006). 
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"Is Yale Kamisar as Good as Joe Namath?: A Look Back at Kamisar's 'Prediction' of Miranda v. Arizona," 2 Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law 33 (2004). 
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"The Pringle Case's New Notion of Probable Cause: An Assault on Di Re and the Fourth Amendment," 2003-2004 Cato Supreme Court Review 395 (2004). 
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"'Voluntary' Interviews and Airport Searches of Middle Eastern Men: The Fourth Amendment in a Time of Terror," in Symposium, The Permissibility of Race or Ethnicity as a Factor in Assessing the Reasonableness of a Search or Seizure, 73 Mississippi Law Journal 471 (2003). 
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"Katz, Kyllo and Technology: Virtual Fourth Amendment Protection in the Twenty-First Century," 72 Mississippi Law Journal 51 (2002). 
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"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Why the Supreme Court Should Leave Fourth Amendment History Unabridged," 82 Boston University Law Review 895 (2002). 
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"Wiretapping and Eavesdropping," in 4 Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice 1677, 2d ed., Joshua Dressler, ed., Macmillan Reference USA (2002). 


"The Fourth Amendment on the Freeway," 3 Rutgers Race and the Law Review 117 (2001). 
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"On Amending the Fourth: Another Grave Threat to Liberty," National Law Journal A20 (Nov. 12, 2001). 

"What Can Fourth Amendment Doctrine Learn from Vagueness Doctrine?" 3 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law 398 (2001). 
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"Drug Testing: The Fourth Amendment," in 3 The Constitution and Its Amendments 78, Roger K. Newman, ed., Macmillan Reference USA (1999). 


"Race and the Fourth Amendment," 51 Vanderbilt Law Review 333 (1998). Reprinted in 25 Search and Seizure Law Report 65 (Oct. 1998). 
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"Terry v. Ohio's Fourth Amendment Legacy: Black Men and Police Discretion," 72 St. John's Law Review 1271 (Oct. 1998). Reprinted in 26 Search and Seizure Law Report 157 (Oct. 1999). 
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"Can a Traffic Offense Be D.W.B. (Driving While Black)?" Los Angeles Times 2 (Mar. 9, 1997). 

"The Complexity of the Fourth Amendment: A Historical Review," 77 Boston University Law Review 925 (1997). Reprinted in 25 Search and Seizure Law Report 49 (July/Aug. 1998). 
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"Open Door Policy: Court Rulings on Traffic Stops Undercut Fourth Amendment Protections," 83:7 American Bar Association Journal 46 (July 1997). 
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"Informants and the Fourth Amendment," 74 Washington University Law Quarterly 573 (1996). 
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"1995-96 Supreme Court Preview: Mock Arguments in Romer v. Evans," with Michael J. Gerhardt, 4 The William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal 639 (1995). 
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"Court Is Off Base on Student Drug Tests," Newsday A32 (Aug. 9, 1995). 


"Public Housing Searches Ignore the Constitution," The Christian Science Monitor 19 (May 24, 1994). 

"Warrantless Sweeps Are an Erosion of Freedom," Houston Chronicle 33 (April 22, 1994). 

"When the Cure for the Fourth Amendment is Worse Than the Disease," 68 Southern California Law Review 1 (1994). 
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"The Central Meaning of the Fourth Amendment," 35 William and Mary Law Review 197 (1993). Reprinted in 21:2 Search and Seizure Law Report 9 (Feb. 1994). 
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"Justice Thurgood Marshall: Taking the Fourth Amendment Seriously," 77 Cornell Law Review 723 (1992). 
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"They Were Not True Blue," Newsday  (Oct. 7, 1992). 


"Black and Blue Encounters?- Some Preliminary Thoughts About Fourth Amendment Seizures: Should Race Matter?" in Symposium, The Bill of Rights Yesterday and Today: A Bicentennial Celebration, 26 Valparaiso University Law Review 243 (1991). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  


"The Decline of the Right of Locomotion: The Fourth Amendment on the Streets," 75 Cornell Law Review 1258 (1990). 
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"Fourth Amendment Attack: Police Actions Violate Freedom of Locomotion," Syracuse Post-Standard A7 (Jan. 3, 1990). 

"The Fourth Amendment is Under Attack--Does Anybody Care?" 17 Cornell Law Forum 7 (1990). 

"Seeing the Constitution from the Backseat of a Police Squad Car," review of H. Richard Uviller, Tempered Zeal, Contemporary Books (1988), 70 Boston University Law Review 543 (1990). 
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"Constructing Fourth Amendment Principles from the Government Perspective: Whose Amendment Is It, Anyway?" 25 American Criminal Law Review 1 (1988). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  


"New York v. Class: A Little-Noticed Case With Disturbing Implications," 78 Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology 1 (1987). 
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