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"Three Restatements of Restitution," 68 Washington & Lee Law Review 867 (2011). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  


Restatement Third, Restitution and Unjust Enrichment, Tentative Draft No. 7, American Law Institute (2010). 


Restatement Third, Restitution and Unjust Enrichment, Tentative Draft No. 6, American Law Institute (2008). 

"Restitution and Final Payment," in Symposium Rethinking Payments Law, 83 Chicago-Kent Law Review 677 (2008). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  


Restatement Third, Restitution and Unjust Enrichment, Tentative Draft No. 5, American Law Institute (2007). 

"Restitution and Reform," 32 Southern Illinois University Law Journal 83 (2007). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  


"Rescission and Restitution," 61 Business Lawyer 569 (2006). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Westlaw  


"James Barr Ames and the Early Modern History of Unjust Enrichment," 25 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 297 (2005). 
Full text: Westlaw  SSRN  

Restatement Third, Restitution and Unjust Enrichment, Tentative Draft No. 4, American Law Institute (2005). 


"Deconstructing the Constructive Trust," 40 Canadian Business Law Journal 358 (2004). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  

Restatement Third, Restitution and Unjust Enrichment, Tentative Draft No. 3, American Law Institute (2004). 

"Restitution in Favor of Former Slaves," in Symposium on the Jurisprudence of Slavery Reparations, 84 Boston University Law Review 1277 (2004). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  

"USA," 12 Restitution Law Review 247 (2004). 


"Restitution's Outlaws," 78 Chicago-Kent Law Review 17 (2003). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  

"The Source of Liability in Indemnity and Contribution," 36 Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review 927 (2003). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  


"Mistaken Improvements and the Restitution Calculus," in Unjustified Enrichment: Key Issues in Comparative Perspective 369, D. Johnston & R. Zimmermann, eds., Cambridge University Press (2002). 

Restatement Third, Restitution and Unjust Enrichment, Tentative Draft No. 2, American Law Institute (2002). 


"Defenses to Restitution: The Bona Fide Creditor," 81 Boston University Law Review 919 (2001). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  

"Disgorgement for Breach, the 'Restitution Interest', and the Restatement of Contracts," 79 Texas Law Review 2021 (2001). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  

Restatement Third, Restitution and Unjust Enrichment, Tentative Draft No. 1, American Law Institute (2001). 

"The Simplification of Private Law," 51 Journal of Legal Education 284 (2001). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Westlaw  


Restatement Third, Restitution and Unjust Enrichment, Discussion Draft, American Law Institute (2000). 

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"Post-Plessy, Pre-Brown: 'Logical Exactness' in Enforcing Equal Rights," 24 Journal of Supreme Court History 155 (1999). 


"Gratuitous Promises," in 2 The New Palgrave Dictionary of Law and Economics 203, P. Newman, ed., Palgrave Macmillan (1998). 

"Restitution in Bankruptcy: Reclamation and Constructive Trust," 72 American Bankruptcy Law Journal 265 (1998). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  


"Restitution and the Noncontractual Transfer," 11 Journal of Contract Law 93 (1997). 


"Rescuing the Legacy of Martin Luther King," Forward   (Nov. 15, 1996). 

Book Review, William E. Leuchtenburg, The Supreme Court Reborn: The Constitutional Revolution in the Age of Roosevelt, Oxford University Press (1996), 214:4 The New Republic 38 (Jan. 22, 1996). 


"Rationalizing Restitution," 83 California Law Review 1191 (1995). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  


"The Discrimination Shibboleth," 31 San Diego Law Review 195 (1994). [Comment] 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  

"The Enforceability After Emancipation of Debts Contracted for the Purchase of Slaves," 70 Chicago-Kent Law Review 493 (1994). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  

Book Review, Mark Tushnet, Making Civil Rights Law, Oxford University Press (1994) and Jack Greenberg, Crusaders in the Courts, Basic Books (1994), 210:25 The New Republic 27 (June 20,1994). 

Book Review, Girardeau A. Spann, Race Against the Court: The Supreme Court and Minorities in Contemporary America, New York University Press (1994) and Race in America: The Struggle for Equality, Herbert Hill & James E. Jones Jr., eds., University of Wisconsin Press  (1993), 81 Journal of American History 817 (1994). 

"Restitution as a Remedy for Breach of Contract," 67 Southern California Law Review 1465 (1994). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  


"The Fourteenth Amendment That Wasn't," Constitution  (Winter 1993). 

"A Nineteenth-Century Precursor of Brown v. Board of Education: The Trial Court Opinion in the Kansas School Segregation Case of 1881," 68 Chicago-Kent Law Review 1199 (1993). 
Full text: Lexis  


The Color-blind Constitution, Harvard University Press (1992). 

"Mistake, Frustration, and the Windfall Principle of Contract Remedies," 43 Hastings Law Journal 1 (1992). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Lexis  Westlaw  

"Racial Justice," 207:23 The New Republic 17 (Nov. 30, 1992). 

"Reconsidering Gratuitous Promises," 21 Journal of Legal Studies 39 (1992). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  

"Unilateral Mistake: The Baseball Card Case," 70 Washington University Law Quarterly 57 (1992). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Westlaw  

"Zero-Based Morality," 1:3 Business Law Today 11 (July/Aug. 1992). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  

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"The Common Law Basis of Automobile Guest Statutes," 43 University of Chicago Law Review 798 (1976). [Comment] 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  

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