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"The Case for Public Pension Reform: Early Evidence from Kentucky," Creighton Law Review  (forthcoming). 
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"Central Falls Retirees v. Bondholders: Assessing Fear of Contagion in Chapter 9 Proceedings," 59 Wayne Law Review 525 (2013). 
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"Combating Moral Hazard: The Case for Rationalizing Public Employee Benefits," 45 Indiana Law Review 413 (2011-12). 
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"Disclosure to the Rescue: A Conceptual Framework for Retained Asset Accounts," 80 Tennessee Law Review 69 (2012-13). 
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"The Other Situation in New Jersey: The State of Public Pension and Retiree Health Plans and Prospects for Reform," Employee Benefits Committee Newsletter, ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law  (Win 2011). 


"Post-Firestone Skirmishes: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Discretionary Clauses and Judicial Review of ERISA Plan Administrator Decisions," 2 William & Mary Policy Review 1 (2010). 
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"Together We Can: Imagining the Future of Employee Pension Plans," review of Employee Pensions: Policies, Problems & Possibilities, T. Ghilarducci & C. E. Weller, eds., ILR Press (2007), 12 Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal 383 (2009). 
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"Creeping Impoverization: Material Conditions, Income Inequality and ERISA Pedagogy Early in the 21st Century," 34 Fordham Urban Law Journal 1355 (2007). 
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"Insecure Retirement Income, Wrongful Plan Administration and Other Employee Benefits Woes -- Evaluating ERISA at Age Thirty," 53 Buffalo Law Review 1193 (2005). 
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"The Changing World of Employee Benefits," 79 Chicago Kent Law Review 625 (2004). 
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"The Supreme Court's Labor and Employment Decisions: 2002-2003 Term," 19 The Labor Lawyer 247 (2003). 
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"Foreword," in Symposium on Employee Benefits, 5 Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal 1 (2001). 
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"Y2K ERISA Update: Key Issues and Trends Facing Employers and Plan Participants," 51 Labor Law Journal 96 (2000). 

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"ERISA in the Larger EEO Context," 3 Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal 131 (1999). Proceedings of the 1999 Annual Meeting AALS Section on Employment Discrimination Law: Is There a Disconnect Between EEO Law and the Workplace? 
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Cases and Materials on Employee Benefits Law, with Lorraine Schmall, West Group Publishing (1998). 

"Evaluating the Case for Social Security Reform: Elderly Poverty, Paternalism and Private Pensions," 64 Brooklyn Law Review 749 (1998). 
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"Recent Developments in ERISA Law," 49 Labor Law Journal 1065 (1998). 


"Discussant's Notes," in Symposium Industrial Relations Research Association Annual Meeting, Proceedings of the Forty-Ninth Annual Meeting 226 (1997). 

"Some Preliminary Thoughts on the Deregulation of Insurance to Advantage the Working Poor," 24 Fordham Urban Law Journal 687 (1997). 
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"Legal and Policy Implications of the Flexible Employment Relationship," 17 Journal of Labor Relations 589 (1996). 


"The Case Against Regulating the Market for Contingent Employment," 52 Washington & Lee Law Review 11 (1995). 
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"Insurance Risk Classification After McGann: Managing Risk Efficiently in the Shadow of the ADA," 47 Baylor Law Review 59 (1995). 
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Using Civil Remedies for Criminal Behavior: Rational, Case Studies and Constitutional Issues, with P. Finn, National Institute of Justice (1994). 

"Working and Poor: The Increasingly Popular Practice of Excluding Disabled Employees from Health Care Coverage," 3 Kansas Journal of Law & Public Policy 92 (1994). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  Westlaw  


"The Economics and Politics of Emergency Health Care for the Poor: The Patient Dumping Dilemma," 1992 Brigham Young University Law Review 971 (1992). 
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"Personal Narratives and Racial Distinctiveness in the Legal Academy," review of Patricia J. Williams, The Alchemy of Race and Rights, Harvard University Press (1992), 41 DePaul Law Review 1407 (1992). 

"Socially Responsible Investing in an Inefficient Market: Doing Good Versus Doing Well," 42 American University Law Review 1 (1992). 
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"'Parental Leaves', and Poor Women: Paying the Price for Time Off," 52 University of Pittsburgh Law Review 475 (1991). 
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"Rent Appropriation and the Labor Law Doctrine of Successorship," with Keith Hylton, 70 Boston University Law Review 821 (1990). 
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"Rational Decisions and Regulation of Union Entry," with Keith Hylton, 34 Villanova Law Review 145 (1989). 
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