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"50 Years of Legal Education in Ethiopia: A Memoir," 26 Journal of Ethiopian Law 191 (2015).  
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"Eyewitness Identification Reform in Massachusetts," 91 Massachusetts Law Review 52 (2008). 
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"A Miscarriage of Justice in Massachusetts: Eyewitness Identification Procedures, Unrecorded Admissions, and a Comparison with English Law," with Ian K. McKenzie, 13 Boston University Public Interest Law Journal 1 (2003). 
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"Convictions of Innocent Persons in Massachusetts: An Overview," 12 Boston University Public Interest Law Journal 1 (2002). 
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"The Prosecutor's Ethical Duty to Seek Exculpatory Evidence in Police Hands: Lessons from England," in Symposium, Ethics in Criminal Advocacy, 68 Fordham Law Review 1379 (2000). 
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Massachusetts Criminal Practice, with Eric D. Blumenson & Daniel Kanstroom, eds., 2d ed., Lexis Law Publishing (1998). 


"Just the Facts, Ma'am: Lying and the Omission of the Exculpatory Evidence in the Police Reports," 28 New England Law Review 1 (1993). 
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"Zealousness and 'Overzealousness': Making Sense of the Prosecutor's Duty to Seek Justice," 22 The Prosecutor 9 (1989). 


"In Search of the Virtuous Prosecutor: A Conceptual Framework," 15 American Journal of Criminal Law 197 (1988). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  


"Ethics and Client Relations," in Representing Children in Juvenile Delinquency Charges 23, MCLE (1986). 


"Parents' Rights and Juvenile Court Jurisdiction: A Review of Before the Best Interests of the Child," review of Joseph Goldstein, Before the Best Interests of the Child, Free Press (1980), 1981 American Bar Foundation Research Journal 835 (1981). 
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Standards Relating to Pre-Trial Court Proceedings, with IJA-ABA Joint Commission on Juvenile Justice Standards, Ballinger (1980). 

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"Families with Service Needs -- The Newest Euphemism?" 18 Journal of Family Law 1 (1979). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  

"The Juvenile Justice System -- An Overview," in Juvenile Advocacy 1, 145, MCLE (1979). 


"The Right to Treatment of Adolescents in Institutions," in The Rights of Adolescents in the Mental Health System 233, John Wilson, ed., Lexington Books (1978). 


"The Disposition Process Under the Juvenile Justice Standards Project," 57 Boston University Law Review 732 (1977). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  

"The Juvenile Justice System -- An Overview," in Juvenile Law Practice, MCLE (1977). 

"The Standards' Recommendations on Dispositions: A Panel Discussion," 57 Boston University Law Review 754 (1977). 


"The Victim's Role in Criminal Prosecutions in Ethiopia," in 3 Victimology: A New Focus 73, Drapkin & Viano, eds., Lexington Books (1975). Paper presented to the First International Symposium on Victimology, Jerusalem, 1973. 


"Criminal Liability for Negligent Conduct in the United States," in Law in the United States of America in Social and Technological Revolution 569, Hazard & Wagner, eds., Emile Bruylant (1974). 


Book Review, Yash P. Ghai & J. Patrick McAuslan, Public Law and Political Change in Kenya: A Study Framework of Government from Colonial Times to the Present, Oxford University Press (1970), 5 The International Journal of African Historical Studies 132 (1972). 


"Traditional Criminal Procedure in Ethiopia," 19 American Journal of Comparative Law 709 (1971). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  


"Criminal Procedure for Juvenile Offenders in Ethiopia," 7 Journal of Ethiopian Law 115 (1970). 


Ethiopian Criminal Procedure, Oxford University Press (1969). 


"Language and Law in Ethiopia," with Fassil Abebe, 5 Journal of Ethiopian Law 553 (1968). 

"Law Development and Reform in Ethiopia," Balance and the Sword 25 (1968). 


"Involuntary Confessions and Article 35, Criminal Procedure Code," 3 Journal of Ethiopian Law 330 (1966). 

Book Review, Steven Lowenstein, Materials for the Study of Penal Law in Ethiopia, Oxford University Press (1965) and Philippe Graven, An Introduction to Ethiopian Penal Law, Oxford University Press (1965), 1966 Liberian Law Journal 71 (1966). 

Book Review, H. L. A. Hart, The Morality of the Criminal Law, Oxford University Press (1965), 3 Journal of Ethiopian Law 645 (1966). 

"Some Aspects of Ethiopian Arrest Law: The Eclectic Approach to Codification," 3 Journal of Ethiopian Law 463 (1966). 

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