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"'Illegitimate Half-Castes' and the Citizen Family," 123 Yale Law Journal  (forthcoming). 


"'Petitions Without Number': Widows' Petitions and the Early Nineteenth-Century Origins of Public Marriage-Based Entitlements," 31 Law and History Review 1 (2013). Full Text: PDF 


"Representing Injustice: Justice as an Icon of Woman Suffrage," 24 Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities 191 (2012). 


"Sex and Citizenship in the Court, Again," with Linda K. Kerber,  (July 20, 2011). 

"A Short History of Sex and Citizenship: The Historians' Amicus Brief in Flores-Villar v. United States," 91 Boston University Law Review 1485 (2011). 


Brief Amici Curiae of Professors of History, Political Science, and Law in Support of Petitioner, Flores-Villar v. United States, No. 09-5801, 2010 WL 2602009 [Principal Author] (US, June 25, 2010). 

"'A Considerable Surgical Operation: Article III, Equity, and Judge-Made Law in the Federal Courts," 60 Duke Law Journal 249 (2010). 
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"Go West, Young Woman!: The Mercer Girls and Legal Historiography," 63 Vanderbilt Law Review En Banc 77 (2010). 
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"Sexing Citizenship," with Linda K. Kerber,  (November 10, 2010). Reprinted in 49 Perspectives on History 29 (2011). 


"Administering Marriage: Marriage-Based Entitlements, Bureaucracy and the Legal Construction of the Family," 62 Vanderbilt Law Review 1085 (2009). 
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"Hoyt v. Florida, 368 U.S. 57 (1961)," in 2 Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States 424, David S. Tanenhaus, ed., Gale (2008). 

"Taylor v. Louisiana, 419 U.S. 522 (1975)," in 5 Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States 20, David S. Tanenhaus, ed., Gale (2008). 


"Federalism's Fallacy: The Early Tradition of Federal Family Law and the Invention of States' Rights," 26 Cardozo Law Review 1761 (2005). 
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"Terms of Art: Et Ux," Legal Affairs 16 (June 2003). 
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"When Fathers' Rights are Mothers' Duties: The Failure of Equal Protection in Miller v. Albright," 109 Yale Law Journal 1667 (2000). 
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