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"Melki in Context: Algeria and European Legal Integration," with Joanna Geneve, in EU Law Stories: Contextual and Critical Histories of European Jurisprudence Cambridge University Press (forthcoming).  

"The Transformation of Europe in US Legal Academia and its Legacy in the Field of Private Law," in The Transformation of Europe - 20 Years On M. Maduro & M. Wind, eds., Cambridge University Press (forthcoming). 


"Qu'ils mangent des contrats: Rethinking Justice in EU Contract Law," in Europe's Justice Deficit? 367, D. Kochenov, G. de Burca & A. Williams, eds., Hart Publishing (2015). 
Full text: SSRN  

"Trade and History: The Case of EU-Algeria Relations," with Joanna Geneve, Boston University International Law Journal Online  (Feb 17, 2015). 
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"Lost at Sea," 15 German Law Journal 1197 (2014). [Special Section: Europe and the Lost Generation] 
Full text: SSRN  


"The Baby and the Bath Water: The American Critique of European Contract Law," 61 American Journal of Comparative Law 479 (2013). 
Full text: Hein (BU)  Hein  SSRN  

"Black Lists and Private Autonomy in EU Contract Law," in The Involvement of EU Law in Private Law Relationships 291, D. Leczykiewicz & S. Weatherill, eds., Hart Publishing (2013). 
Full text: SSRN  


"Per una storia della direttiva sulla responsabilità da prodotto difettoso," with R. Pardolesi, 2012 Danno e Responsabilta 9 (2012). Special Issue on Product Liability 


Book Review, The Cambridge Companion to European Union Private Law, Christian Twigg-Flesner, ed., Cambridge University Press (2010), 24 European Union Studies Association Review 27 (2011). 

"Direct Concern in Regional Policy: The European Court of Justice and the Southern Question," 17 European Law Journal 804 (2011). 

"E.U. Law in U.S. Legal Academia," in Symposium, The European Union 20 Years after Maastricht? Transatlantic Perspectives, 20 Tulane Journal of International and Comparative Law 175 (2011). 
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"Autism in the US: Social Movement and Legal Change," 36 American Journal of Law and Medicine 483 (2010). 


"(Presidential) Powers in the European Union," 88 Boston University Law Review 561 (2008). 
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"Contract Law and Distribution in the Age of Welfare Reform," 49 Arizona Law Review 665 (2007). 
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"Private Law and State Making in the Age of Globalization," 39 New York University Journal of International Law and Politics 1 (2006). Reprinted in Corporate Business Responsibility 121, Justin O'Brien, ed., Ashgate (2009). 
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"Lochner in Europe: A Comment on Keith Whittington's 'Congress Before the Lochner Court'," 85 Boston University Law Review 867 (2005). 
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"Bargaining and Distribution in Special Education," 14 Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy 171 (2005). 
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"Private Law and Public Stakes in European Integration: The Case of Property," 10 European Law Journal 751 (2004). 


"Limits of the Classic Method: Positive Action in the European Union After the New Equality Directives," 44 Harvard International Law Journal 331 (2003). 
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"The Missing View of the Cathedral: The Private Law Paradigm of European Legal Integration," 3 European Law Journal 3 (1997). 


Culpa in Contrahendo, Giuffre (1993). 

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