Joseph F. Brodley

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"An Incentives Approach to Patent Settlements: A Commentary on Hovenkamp, Janis & Lemley," with Maureen O'Rourke, in Symposium on The Interface Between Intellectual Property Law and Antitrust Law, 87 Minnesota Law Review 1767 (2003). Conference sponsored by University of Minnesota School of Law (Feb. 2003). 
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"Patent Settlement Agreements: Preliminary Views," with Maureen O'Rourke, 16 Antitrust 53 (2002). 


"Predatory Pricing: Response to Critique and Further Elaboration," 89 Georgetown Law Journal 2495 (2001). 
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"Predatory Pricing: Strategic Theory and Legal Policy," with P. Bolton & M. H. Riordan, 88 Georgetown Law Journal 2239 (2000). 
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"The Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice Draft Antitrust Guidelines for Collaboration Among Competitors: Interview with Professor Joseph F. Brodley," Antitrust 6 (1999). 


"Proof of Efficiencies in Mergers and Joint Ventures," 64 Antitrust Law Journal 575 (1996). 
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"Antitrust Standing in Private Merger Cases: Reconciling Private Incentives and Public Enforcement Goals," 94 Michigan Law Review 1 (1995). 
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"Post-Chicago Economics and Workable Legal Policy," 63 Antitrust Law Journal 683 (1995). 
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"Using Insights from Game Theory: Penalty Contracts and Monopolizing Strategies," with Ching-to Albert Ma, 9 Antitrust 6 (1994). 
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"Contract Penalties, Monopolizing Strategies and Antitrust Policy," 45 Stanford Law Review 1161 (1993). 
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"Antitrust and Competitive Advantage in World Markets," review of Michael Porter, The Competitive Advantage of Nations, Free Press, 5 Antitrust 38 (1990). 

"Antitrust Law and Innovation Cooperation," 4 Journal of Economic Perspectives 97 (1990). 

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"Changing Images of Antitrust," 34 Antitrust Bulletin 759 (1989). 
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"Critical Factual Assumptions Underlying Public Policy," in Private Antitrust Litigation: New Evidence, New Learning 252, L. White, ed., The MIT Press (1988). 


"The Economic Goals of Antitrust: Efficiency, Consumer Welfare and Technological Progress," 62 New York University Law Review 1020 (1987). 
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"Rewriting The Merger Laws: Global Versus Incremental Approaches," 38 Hastings Law Journal 547 (1987). 
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"Compliance," in Antitrust Adviser 505, C. Hills, ed., McGraw-Hill (1985). 


"Analyzing Joint Ventures with Foreign Partners," 53 Antitrust Law Journal 73 (1984). 
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"The Joint Venture: Panel Discussion," with M. D. Blechman, J. F. Weston & P. A. Proger, moderator, 53 Antitrust Law Journal 97 (1984). 

"The Limited Scope and Precedential Value of the FTC's GM-Toyota Decision," in 1984 Annual Proceedings of the Fordham Corporate Law Institute 223, Corporate Law Institute (1984). 


"Foreign Joint Ventures: U.S. Antitrust Issues," 38 The Business Lawyer 1059 (1983). 

"The Goals of Antitrust - Pretrial Hearing No. 1: A Verbatim Account of an Imagined Proceeding," 28 Antitrust Bulletin 823 (1983). 
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"Potential Competition Under the Merger Guidelines," 71 California Law Review 376 (1983). 
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"Joint Ventures and Antitrust Policy," 95 Harvard Law Review 1521 (1982). 
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"Antitrust Policy Under Deregulation: Airline Mergers and the Theory of Contestable Markets," 61 Boston University Law Review 823 (1981). 
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"In Defense of Presumptive Rules: An Approach to Legal Rulemaking for Conglomerate Mergers," in The Conglomerate Corporation, R. Blair & R. Lanzillotti, eds., Greenwood Press (1981). 

"Predatory Pricing: Competing Economic Theories and the Evolution of Legal Standards," with George Hay, 66 Cornell Law Review 738 (1981). 
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"Comments on Areeda and Turner, Conglomorate Mergers: Extended Interdependence and Interindustry Competition as Grounds for Condemnation," in Antitrust Law and Economics 205, O. Williamson, ed., Dame Publications (1980). 

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"Joint Ventures and the Justice Department's Antitrust Guide for International Operations," 24 Antitrust Bulletin 337 (1979). 
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"Limiting Conglomerate Mergers: The Need for Legislation," 40  Ohio State Law Journal 867 (1979). 
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Testimony in Mergers and Economic Concentration, Part 2: Hearings before the Subcommmitee on Antitrust, Monopoly, and Business Rights of the Senate Committee on Judiciary, 96th Cong. 1st Sess., 149-162, CIS NO. 80-S521-18 (1979). 


"The Possibilities and Limits of Decision Theory in Antitrust Analysis: A Reply to Professor Horowitz," 52 Indiana Law Journal 735 (1977). 
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"Potential Competition Mergers: A Structural Synthesis," 87 Yale Law Journal 1 (1977). 
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"Foreword: The Search for Limits and the Quest for Theory," in Symposium on The Deregulation of Industry, 51 Indiana Law Journal 682 (1976). 
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"Legal Status of Joint Ventures Under the Anti-trust Laws: A Summary Assessment," 21 Antitrust Bulletin 453 (1976). 
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"Industrial Deconcentration and Legal Feasibility: The Efficiencies Defense," 9 Journal of Economic Issues 375 (1975). 


"Indiana University Seminar in Jurimetrics," with R. Birmingham & F. R. Dickerson, 13 Jurimetrics Journal 89 (1973). 
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"Massive Industrial Size, Classical Economics and the Search for Humanistic Value," 24 Stanford Law Review 1155 (1972). 


"Patents, the Scott Amendments and Competitive Free Enterprise," National Industrial Conference Board Record 48 (1971). 


"Oligopoly Power Under the Sherman and Clayton Acts: From Economic Theory to Legal Policy," 19 Stanford Law Review 285 (1967). 
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"Jurors on Trial," with Harold M. Hoffman, 17 Missouri Law Review 235 (1952). 
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