Hugh Baxter

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Habermas and Law, Ashgate Press, editor (forthcoming). 


"Habermas's Sociological and Normative Theory of Law and Democracy: A Reply to Wirts, Flynn, and Zurn," in Symposium, on Baxter, Habermas: The Discourse Theory of Law and Democracy, 40 Philosophy and Social Criticism 225 (2014). 


"Critical Reflections on Seidman's On Constitutional Disobedience," in Symposium, On Constitutional Obligation and Disobedience: A Symposium on Abner S. Green's Against Obligation and Louis Michael Seidman's On Constitutional Disobedience, 93 Boston University Law Review 1373 (2013). 

"Niklas Luhmann’s Theory of Autopoietic Legal Systems," 9 Annual Review of Law and Social Science 167 (2013). 


"Why the 'Originalism' in 'Living Originalism'?" in Symposium, Originalism and Living Constitutionalism: A Symposium on Jack Balkin's Living Originalism and David Strauss's The Living Constitution, 92 Boston University Law Review 1213 (2012). 


Habermas: The Discourse Theory of Law and Democracy, Stanford University Press (2011). 

"Sandel on Religion in the Public Square," in Symposium, Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do: A Public Lecture and and Symposium on Michael J. Sandel's Recent Book, 91 Boston University Law Review 1339 (2011). 
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"Dworkin's 'One-System' Conception of Law and Morality," in Symposium Justice for Hedgehogs: A Conference on Ronald Dworkin's Forthcoming Book, 90 Boston University Law Review 857 (2010). 


Book Review, David Bilchitz, Poverty and Fundamental Rights: The Justification and Enforcement of Socio-Economic Rights, Oxford University Press (2007), 118 Philosophical Review 253 (2009). 

"A Comment on Mark Tushnet's Some Notes on Congressional Capacity to Interpret the Constitution," in Symposium The Most Disparaged Branch: The Role of Congress in the Twenty-First Century, 89 Boston University Law Review 511 (2009). 
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"Justice Ginsburg's Dissent in Bush v. Gore," 43 New England Law Review 711 (2009). 
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"Habermas's Discourse Theory of Law and Democracy," 50 Buffalo Law Review 205 (2002). 
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"System and Lifeworld in Habermas's Theory of Law," 23 Cardozo Law Review 473 (2002). 
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"The Lemon Test," in 4 Encyclopedia of the American Constitution 1603, 2d ed., L. W. Levy & K. L. Karst, eds., Macmillan Reference USA (2000). 

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"Autopoiesis and the 'Relative Autonomy' of Law," 19 Cardozo Law Review 1987 (1998). 
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"Managing Legal Change: The Transformation of Establishment Clause Law," 46 UCLA Law Review 343 (1998). 
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"Bringing Foucault into Law and Law into Foucault," 48 Stanford Law Review 449 (1996). 
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"System and Lifeworld in Habermas's Theory of Communicative Action," 16 Theory and Society 39 (1987). 

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