Research Assistant Services

The law library offers a variety of services to law faculty research assistants designed to extend privileges that are not normally available to students.  These services include proxy borrowing for faculty and library space for holding research materials. Faculty research assistants are encouraged to register for library services by visiting the library website.

Faculty may create and add value to MyPrint accounts to be used by research assistants.  Account balances and usage may be monitored by the faculty member or program coordinator and the password may be changed as needed.  Your program coordinator or Martha Totten (, x8-5374) will be able to assist you with setting up and funding the account.

The library provides research training for research assistants throughout the year. This training covers information on our library’s collection, research techniques, and more. To sign up for a training, please contact your professor’s librarian liaison. Research classes also cover advanced techniques and topics relevant to the faculty’s research needs.