Catalogs: New England Law Libraries Consortium (NELLCO)

NELLCO provides resource sharing among member academic (ABA accredited), private non-profit, and government law libraries. In addition to all Boston area law libraries, NELLCO includes law libraries in New England, the Northeast Region, and over 33 states across the United States.

Please note: Many law library catalogs are integrated into University-wide catalogs. NELLCO access is limited to law libraries only. If you need to use materials on-site at non-law libraries, please see a Reference Librarian to obtain an access letter.

  • Members include the following schools:

Albany Law School
Boston College
Boston University
Columbia University
Connecticut State Library
Connecticut Trial Courts
Cornell University
Fordham University
Franklin Pierce Law Center
Harvard University
Massachusetts Trial Courts
New England School of Law
New York University

Northeastern University
Quinnipiac University
Rhode Island State Law Library
Roger Williams University
Social Law Library
Suffolk University
University of Connecticut
University of Maine
University of Pennsylvania
Vermont School of Law
Western New England College
Yale University