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Collection Policy: Selection Standards

C. Looseleaf Services

These updated materials are collected after evaluating their current awareness value, comparable titles in the collection, the importance of the topic to our curriculum and faculty, the ongoing cost of the publication and time required to maintain it, availability of the title online in Lexis, Westlaw or a proprietary database, ease of use and other relevant factors. These updated materials include:

  1. Current awareness looseleaf services from publishers like the Bureau of National Affairs are purchased if there is faculty and curricular interest. The library subscribes to the BNA-All online collection.
  2. Looseleaf services from publishers like Commerce Clearing House that provide comprehensive coverage of a specific topic regulated by an administrative agency. The library collects many of these services because they include administrative regulations, rules, decisions, etc. issued by the agency. Tax publications often appear in this format.
  3. Format preference: the library is migrating to digital versions of looseleaf services as reliable and comprehensive versions become available.  Print copies are still collected for titles in subject areas of concentrations, when preferred by faculty, and where online format does not match the print version’s ease of use. Print current awareness and administrative looseleaf services are located in the Looseleaf section and Tax Library in the lower level of the Pappas reading room