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Collection Policy: Selection Sources

A. General

The library reviews a wide variety of sources to learn of the availability of new materials. These include publisher and vendor email notifications, websites, catalogs, and brochures; law library jobber approval plan slips and updating services (e.g. Yankee’s Academia); legal blogs; other law library new acquisitions lists; recommendations from faculty, patrons and staff; major bibliographies; and titles recommended on listservs. The Collection Development Librarian and Associate Director also regularly check major newspaper book review sections, including the New York Times and Boston Globe and other review sources including Choice, the Chronicle of Higher Education, legal newspapers and periodicals, Law and Policy Book Review, Library Journal, Law Library Journal, Women’s Review of Books and Publishers’ Weekly. Titles requested through interlibrary loan are considered for purchase.

B. Faculty Recommendations

Faculty recommendations are honored unless the cost or subject matter of the item is significantly beyond the scope of regular library purchases, or the item duplicates materials already owned or readily available. In some cases, the Library Director discusses the recommendation with the professor and makes the final decision. In all cases, titles are purchased and processed as library copies. Under special circumstances, and with the Library Director's approval, a particular title may be located in a faculty office.