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Collection Policy: Scope of Coverage: Foreign, Comparative and International Law By Jurisdication

D. Secondary Legal Materials on International Law

  1. Monographs
    The library purchases scholarly monographs in international law on specific topics and institutions as defined in this policy and also topics that are of current relevance.
    For the United Nations and the WTO, the library collects at Level 3 (Instructional Level).  For the EU the library collects at the levels specified in the Scope of Coverage Foreign and International Law By Subject.  For other international institutions the library selectively collects English-language treatises about their political and organizational aspects.
  2. Looseleaf Services 
    The library collects selected looseleaf services in those subject areas where the library collects at an instructional level or above.
  3. Periodicals and Indexes
    The library selectively collects English-language periodicals on international law indexed in Current Law Index, Index to Legal Periodicals, Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals, and Legal Journals Index.
  4. Yearbooks 
    The library subscribes to those English-language yearbooks that complement its collection of primary and secondary materials from international organizations in print and online formats.
  5. Digests
    The library collects the digests of U.S. practice in international law in print and online. The library also collects selected foreign digests of international law.
  6. Encyclopedias
    The library collects selected English-language encyclopedias of international law.
  7. Proceedings of Symposia and Festschrifts
    In general, the library does not collect the proceedings of symposia unless a determination is made that this is an area in which such material would be useful. The library may collect festschrifts if the honoree is extensively represented in the collection of the library.