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Collection Policy: Scope of Coverage: Foreign, Comparative and International Law By Jurisdication

B. Foreign Secondary Legal Materials on Foreign and Comparative Law

  1. Monographs
    The library purchases scholarly monographs on comparative and foreign law in other jurisdictions as defined in this policy and that are of current relevance.
    The library collects treatises on the law of other jurisdictions that support a law school course, are requested by a faculty member or are of special interest with regard to that jurisdiction.  The library collects scholarly works on the legal systems of other jurisdictions and on legal research in those jurisdictions.  The library collects treatises with comparative treatment of important topics with a preference for comparison with the United States.
  2. Looseleaf Services 
    The Library purchases selective looseleaf services in those subject areas where the library collects at an "instructional" level or above.
  3. Periodicals and Indexes
    The library selectively collects scholarly English-language periodicals in print and online where they are indexed in Current Law Index, Index to Canadian Legal Literature, Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals or Legal Journals Index. Scholarly English-language journals published by foreign law schools are selectively purchased. Country-specific journals are purchased very selectively. The library subscribes to very few foreign language journals and selects new journals in foreign languages only upon specific faculty request.
  4. Yearbooks 
    The library subscribes to selected English-language yearbooks in print and online formats.
  5. Encyclopedias
    The library collects selected English-language encyclopedias of foreign and comparative law.
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