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Collection Policy: Scope of Coverage: Foreign, Comparative and International Law By Jurisdication

A. Foreign Primay Legal Materials and Finding Tools

The library collects the primary legal materials of the United Kingdom in print and electronic formats.  These materials are considered a core resource allowing research of the roots of American law.  To support the curriculum and interest in English legal history, the United Kingdom collection is intended to allow a researcher to conduct both historical and current legal research.

The library collects statutory instruments, session laws, statutes, and court reports from the highest and major appellate courts in print.   Historical materials are available in print and through HeinOnline, Eighteenth Century Collections Online and Justis.  The library provides access to major digests in print and electronic formats.

The library collects selected primary legal materials for Canada to support current legal research.  The library collects current statutes, regulations and official court reports on the federal level. For provincial and territorial primary sources, the library relies on the many materials now available in digital format and links to those from the library website.

For other world jurisdictions the library collects current constitutions.  The library occasionally collects current codes or laws in translation in an area of particular interest.  The library collects other primary legal materials from these jurisdictions as needed to support the law school curriculum or at the request of a faculty member. 

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