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D. Legislative History Materials

  1. U.S. – the library collects most Congressional materials, including all major current and retrospective finding aids.
    1. Indexes - print sources include CIS Index (1970-), U.S. Serial Set Index, U.S. Congressional Hearings Index, U.S. Congressional Committee Prints Index, and CCH Congressional Index.
    2. LexisNexis Congressional (online) - CIS Index (1970-) and Congressional Indexes (1789-1969).  Includes the full text of congressional documents, prints, and testimony from hearings.
    3. Congressional Record - Permanent and daily editions on HeinOnline and daily edition in print.
    4. Congressional reports and documents (Serial Set) - LexisNexis Congressional from 1789-present, CIS micro from 1817-2010, and complete set in print from 1980-2001.
    5. Congressional hearings - LexisNexis Congressional from 1824-present, complete set in CIS micro from 1935-2010, and selected hearings in print.
    6. Congressional bills - microform from 1975-present.
  2. States
    1. Massachusetts - the library collects legislative journals and reports in print format and bills on microform. To the extent possible, the library collects all current and retrospective indexes and finding aids to materials which indicate legislative intent.
    2. Other - The library does not collect print materials comprising legislative history for other states.