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Collection Policy: Selection Responsibility

The Collection Development Committee is responsible for reviewing and selecting print, electronic, microform, and AV items not exceeding an established price (currently $1000.00). Permanent members of the committee include the Collection Development Librarian, the Associate Director, and the Serials Librarian. In addition, each legal information librarian (except the Assistant Director and the Legal Information and International Law Librarian) rotates onto the committee as an initial selector for two month intervals. Each legal information librarian has developed specific areas of subject expertise upon which the committee draws when appropriate. Faculty members also may be consulted in areas pertaining to their subject specialties.

Whenever any item, typically a licensed database or digital archive, exceeds the established price limit, the library follows a special review process and utilizes its Electronic Collection Development Committee to evaluate the product and make a purchase recommendation to the Library Director. Members of the Electronic Collection Development Committee include the Associate Director, the Assistant Director, the Collection Development Librarian, and the Legal Information Librarian responsible for electronic resources. The Electronic Collection Development Committee also consults with legal information librarians and faculty members with relevant subject expertise.