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Collection Policy: Choice of Format

C. Microform

The library collects materials in microform very selectively for infrequently used materials, mainly as a duplicate format and to provide permanent access for materials such as records and briefs, legal newspapers, selected U.S. government and congressional documents, and international organization documents. Microforms do have advantages in space savings, preservation and, at times, cost. However, microforms are unpopular with researchers and are often difficult and inconvenient to explore and print. Many of the materials previously collected in microformat are now available in digital collections. The library considers replacing microform holdings with online products as they become available.

The library, when given the choice, will select a microform version of a title when:

  1. The title is not available electronically at a reasonable price, or
  2. The size, expense, infrequency of use, or unavailability precludes its addition in print, or
  3. Permanent copies would be bulky or subject to deterioration in print, e.g., legal newspapers.