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Collection Policy: Choice of Format

Legal information is published in a variety of electronic formats, as well as print and microform.  Increasingly, the law library relies on electronic resources in order to provide broader access to information, and enhanced searching and retrieval capabilities. To provide the greatest flexibility in use and to ensure permanent and reliable access to core resources, the library collects some materials in multiple formats. Choice of format is guided by considerations of the nature of the resource, usability, long-term access, the benefits of ownership versus licensing, as well as cost. The library purchases material in English unless another language is specifically requested by faculty or needed for instructional purposes.

In addition to these general considerations, specific criteria for choice of format vary depending on the type of material, its attributes and patterns of use. These are noted in the appropriate sections that follow.

  1. Online
  2. Print
  3. Microform
  4. CD-ROM
  5. Audio and Video