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Collection Policy: Law Dictionary Collection

The library collects general English dictionaries and major foreign language-English dictionaries. The library also selectively collects subject-specific dictionaries, including dictionaries on law, economics, business, banking, finance, and other relevant subjects. Encyclopedic dictionaries and encyclopedias on relevant subjects are selectively collected for the reference collection rather than the dictionary collection.

In support of the law school's LL.M. in American Law program, the library collects major foreign-English legal dictionaries for the dictionary collection. Whenever possible, the library collects versions of these legal dictionaries that are both foreign language-to-English and English-to-foreign language.

The library purchases multiple copies of The Bluebook for inclusion in the law dictionary collection. These copies supplement additional copies also available in the reserve collection.

Online resources are increasingly considered in evaluating new dictionaries and manuals, as they are often more current than their print counterparts.