Other Boston University Library Collections

As part of a major research university, BU students, faculty, staff and alumni enjoy access and borrowing privileges at all Boston University Libraries.

Specialized electronic resource information is available in two guides.

The BU Journals list contains over 40,000 full text sources including journals, magazines, newspapers, transcripts, etc.

Non-legal topical guides are linked from BU eResources by Subject which includes indexes, databases, journals, research guides and websites for a wide variety of subjects including business, economics, philosophy, and women's studies.

Other libraries on campus have rich holdings which are available to the university community.

Mugar Memorial Library , located next to the law tower, is the primary library for study, teaching, and research in the humanities and social sciences for Boston University.

Pardee Management Library in the BU School of Management provides information resources, instruction and orientation in the subject areas of business and management.

The Theology Library concentrates on theology, Bible, church history, ministry, and historic Judaism, while Mugar collects in comparative religion and the academic disciplines of religion, philosophy, sociology, including contemporary Jewish life and culture.

Two libraries have significant collections for the sciences.

The primary library resource for study, teaching and research on the Charles River Campus is the Science and Engineering Library.

On the BU Medical Campus, The Alumni Medical Library serves as the library and knowledge-based literature and information provider to the faculty, staff, and students of Boston University Schools of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Public Health, and the Boston Medical Center.

Updated: August 2012