Library Consortia and Catalogs

The BU law library is one of six academic law libraries in the Boston area. We are a member of the Boston Library Consortium (BLC), the Association of Boston Law Librarians (ABLL), the NELLCO Law Library Consortium, and the OCLC Resource Sharing SHARES program..

In Person Borrowing

BU Libraries

Current members of the BU community and registered alumni using their BU ID are eligible to borrow circulating materials.

Boston Library Consortium (BLC)

Boston University faculty, staff, and graduate students on the Charles River Campus may obtain a BLC card enabling them to borrow circulating materials in person at member libraries.

Library Assisted Borrowing – Interlibrary Loan

The library will borrow materials for educational purposes on behalf of current law faculty, staff and students. We are often able to arrange for expedited delivery when borrowing from the Association of Boston Law Libraries and the NELLCO Law Library Consortium. In addition the law library is able to request from other premier academic law collections outside our local consortia.

The BU Law Library is a member of the OCLC Resource Sharing SHARES program, an international sharing partnership that expands and enhances local collections with materials owned by partners around the world.