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Transactional Education: What's Next? Opening Remarks

Tina L. Stark
Boston University School of Law

This article contains the opening remarks of Professor Tina L. Stark at Emory Law's June conference, Transactional Law: What's Next? The speech notes that transactional skills education is 20 years behind litigation skills training and discusses the challenges facing those who teach transactional skills -- not hte least of which is invisibility in the Academy.

Keywords: Transactional, Education, Skills, Curriculum, Adjuncts, Contracts, Contract Drafting, Analytic Framework, Carnegie Report, Maccrate Report, Challenges, Transactional Law, Best Practices, Pedagogy, Adjunct Faculty, Tenure, Legal Writing Professors, Database, Training Materials, Transactional Training.

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Tina Stark, "Transactional Education: What's Next: Welcome and Opening Remarks," TRANSACTIONS: Tenn. J. Bus. L. (Special Report) 3 (2011), SSRN No. 1664488, BU. Law 11-34, Emory Public Law Research Paper No. 10-110, Emory Law and Economics Research Paper No. 10-70.

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