Cambridge University Press, 2009

Linda McClain
Boston University School of Law
Joanna L. Grossman
Hofstra University School of Law


Citizenship is the common language for expressing aspirations to democratic and egalitarian ideals of inclusion, participation, and civic membership. However, there continues to be a significant gap between formal commitments to gender equality and equal citizenship – in the laws and constitutions of many countries as well as in international human rights documents − and the reality of women’s lives. This volume presents a collection of original works that examine this persisting inequality through the lens of citizenship. Distinguished scholars in law, political science, and women’s studies investigate the many dimensions of women’s equal citizenship, including constitutional citizenship, democratic citizenship, social citizenship, sexual and reproductive citizenship, and global citizenship. Gender Equality takes stock of the progress toward – and remaining impediments to – securing equal citizenship for women, develops strategies for pursuing that goal, and identifies new questions that will shape further inquiries.


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Linda McClain and Joanna L. Grossman, editors, "GENDER EQUALITY: DIMENSIONS OF WOMEN'S EQUAL CITIZENSHIP" (Cambridge University Press, 2009,



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