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Medicine and Public Health: Crossing Legal Boundaries
Wendy K. Mariner

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In 2006, New York City began a mandatory reporting system for laboratories to submit blood sugar (A1c) test results (primarily for diabetes) to the city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene without the patient's consent. This article examines whether this new program is an innovative way to improve New Yorkers' health, an invasion of medical privacy, or usurpation of the physician's role. The registry is an example of public health initiatives in chronic diseases, which challenge the limits of laws governing medicine care and public health programs by blurring the historical boundaries between them.


Published In:

Mariner, Wendy K., "Medicine and Public Health: Crossing Legal Boundaries" . Journal of Health Care Law & Policy, Vol. 10, p. 121 (2007).

Copyright 2007 WK Mariner.


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