Boston University School of Law

The Economics of Injunctive and Reverse Settlements

Keith N. Hylton

Sungjoon Cho

Boston University School of Law Working Paper 09-10


This paper extends the economic literature on settlement, and draws some practical insights on reverse settlements.  The key contributions to the economic literature on settlements follow from the distinction drawn between standard settlements, in which the status quo is preserved, and injunctive settlements, which prohibit the defendant’s activity.  The analysis identifies the conditions under which injunctive settlements (rather than standard settlements) are likely to be observed and the conditions under which reverse settlements will be observed among the injunctive settlements.  Specifically, reverse settlements are likely when the stakes associated with the injunction are large relative to damages and litigation costs. The analysis of settlement here has broader implications for efficient remedies and legal rules.

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Keith N. Hylton and Sungjoon Cho, "The Economics of Injunctive and Reverse Settlements"

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