Tamar Frankel

Boston University School of Law Working Paper 01-13


This paper explains why weaknesses do not fully undermine great law schools. The paper is not about how to rank law schools, or how to climb the ranking ladder. It is not about short-term tactics or even about long-term strategy to achieve these objectives. It is about understanding the phenomenon, which should precede plans to achieve any of these objectives. Rather than define great law schools or what makes them great the Essay lists examples of great law schools, drawn from a fairly broad consensus, and discusses their salient features.

I conclude that only one feature distinguishes great law schools from the rest of the crowd. These schools devote all their resources to preparing students for, and placing students in, leadership positions in this country and the world. I also list other factors that may help schools become or remain great, but they are not essential. Next I make some suggestions, seeking to stir ideas and perhaps break some molds. This is the main purpose of this paper.

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