Summer Legal English Program at CELOP

Adjusting to the demands of U.S. legal studies poses unique challenges to foreign-trained attorneys.  They must learn substantive doctrine through the "Socratic method" of U.S. law school teaching. They must grasp the art of reading and analyzing judicial opinions. They must keep up with classroom conversations and the rapid pace of teacher-student dialogues.  They must effectively express themselves verbally in class, and in writing, on their exams. And they must do all of this in English -- not their native tongue.

For LL.M. students seeking advanced preparation for their upcoming graduate studies in hosokawa quoteAmerica, Boston University’s Center for English Language and Orientation Programs (CELOP) offers a six-week Summer Program in Legal English designed to provide international jurists with the language and academic skills needed to succeed in a demanding LL.M. program. Through small-class instruction led by CELOP's distinguished faculty and through carefully selected law-related materials and assignments, students:

  • Build their legal English vocabularies and strengthen their legal English writing skills
  • Receive exposure to fundamental aspects of the American legal system and several substantive doctrines central to American Law
  • Become acquainted with the materials, methodologies and culture of American law school instruction

The program, which runs from early July to late August, is open to all foreign jurists who have been admitted into an LL.M. program at an American law school in the following fall semester. Entering BU Law LL.M. students are strongly encouraged to enroll, as the program provides an important orientation to upcoming studies. The program is intended to complement, not replace, the introduction to American Law class course that most foreign LL.M. students take as part of their graduate studies. In some cases, completion of the Summer Program in Legal English will be a requirement for final admission to BU School of Law.

CELOP also offers a four-week summer program -- Legal English for Practitioners – which is open to practicing lawyers. Studying alongside colleagues in the legal profession, this program will helps internationally-trained attorneys develop the language proficiency and cultural background knowledge necessary to succeed in a professional legal environment in English.

Tuition and Housing

Tuition for the six-week program is $4,600, excluding application, fees and living expenses. On-campus dormitory-style accommodations are available, and students can purchase meal plans through Boston University.

More information, including application materials, may be found at CELOP's Web site.